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Dave Brewer Constructors

In starting it’s remodeling company, Dave Brewer, Inc.'s goal, from the very beginning, was to simply service the needs of the large number of Dave Brewer homeowners in Central Florida. So with a highly experienced management team already in place with it’s  home building company and a compilation of the best craftsmen in the business that already typify the superior customer service and quality that has always distinguished Dave Brewer Homes from it’s competition, Dave Brewer Constructors was created.

Today, the projects coming in run the gamut from sophisticated whole room additions to simply giving existing rooms makeovers. Home theater rooms, expanded kitchens and baths, gyms, toy garages, outdoor living spaces and summer kitchens are some of the more popular requests. Dave and the entire team at Dave Brewer Constructors work hard to ensure that each project results in a superior level of finish and high customer satisfaction that has always been associated  with the name “Dave Brewer”.

The homeowners on the other end of the phone are not all Dave Brewer homeowners, either. “I’d say it’s about 50/50. Half of our business comes from someone living in or who knows of a Dave Brewer home,” says Dave. “The other half are people who may have never even heard of Dave Brewer Homes”.

Dave Brewer Constructors goal is to maintain the very high standards that come with the Dave Brewer name and to deliver the same consistently excellent customer service that over 900 clients have experienced when building a new home. The name “Dave Brewer” has simply come to be synonymous with outstanding quality and custom home design.

Dave Brewer is a founder and past president of the Florida’s Master Custom Builder Council(MCBC), an active member of the National Home Builder Association, a Florida Green Building Coalition member, and today, his homes and team continue to win major builder awards every year, after nearly thirty-five years of building.